A fabulous career and lifestyle is within reach..

I am an expert in working with empowered ladies to help take their careers to a new level of success, visibility and unimaginable highs.....

We will focus on pushing past middle management, negotiation techniques, C-Suite Strategies and Leadership frameworks.....

Whatever your challenge I will help you to focus and implement change with confidence, style and Success!

Be Bold, Be Brave and Be Whoever you want to be.

There is a CEO, Industry Leader and High Flying Super Power in all of us...

Online Coaching with Mandy Tucker

Hi, I'm Mandy

Executive Career and Leadeship Coach.

I am an enthusiastic, passionate and fun loving career coach specialising in focussing on mid level careers that need the right tactics and approach to excel in their chosen field. 

We all need some guidance, direction or just some cheering on from the sidelines to ensure that their is a clear path to success. I will be your coach, confidant and accountability partner to ensure that you stay on track...So, what is your desire? CEO, Executive or Industry expert, work with me to strategically plan your pathway to the stars.....Below I will tell you how!

I Specialize In...

Executive Empowerment...

Take it to the next level

How to identify your purpose... Career Strategies

Expose your Female Super Powers..When confidence is holding you back.

Excelling in a diverse corporate landscape... Overcome the imbalance.

Leadership Workshops... Engage your teams for better outcomes. 

Ambition takes us higher than

our wildest Dreams...

I can help you to achieve your Desires!

Professional and targeted help to give me confidence to take on a leadership role... Mandy really changed my view...

Mandy is like a voice on my shoulder helping to me to make change! Happy!

Did not realise I needed a coach until I saw the value.



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