High Flying Females.... Your time!

Updated: May 30

Now is a great time in all areas of our lives. Let us put aside the hugely impactful pandemic that we are in the centre of and try to focus on the BAU of life that we will hopefully return to in due course!

If you are an ambitious female that has her finger on the pulse you will realise that our voices are amplified like never before. Now is your time to grab every opportunity available to you and run with it or for this "community"... fly with it! Here are some tips to help you to soar in your corporate and personal life.

  1. Stand Up... Be there and ready to take any new opportunity that comes your way. Whether that be a new role, speaking engagement, or social media request to post your thoughts on a topic. Our voices are amplified and encouraged in every magazine, boardroom and group chat.... Go make a difference!

  2. Be fearful.... Whatever you are doing if you are not a little afraid it is not stretching you enough. Repeated exposure to things that cause mild fear and anxiety are proven to cause the resulting anxiety to reduce over time. So, as long as you are not putting yourself in danger, get out there and scare yourself a little!

  3. Diversity is the new vegan. A buzz word yes, but one that you can really use to your advantage. There are more open doors, open board rooms and open positions for all ambitious and talented ladies to step into.

So... High Flying Females... I encourage you, I implore you, to grab your goals, ambitions and dreams and fly with me.